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Please reach out via email or on Facebook if you have any issues or questions regarding your orders.  

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About Us: 
Welcome to the Siren Society!
Siren Society is a collaborative union of female artists with the goal of spotlighting female talent, as well as creating a supportive community for fellow women in the arts. Under this banner we are creating & selling pins, wearables, slaps, and various other merchandise designed exclusively by women.
EcoFriendly Shipping:
We use donated bubblewrap, used mailers & new recycled plastic mailers. 
Please help our eco-friendly cause by collecting your mailers to send back to us. Please check out the post in the Announcement section of the Facebook group for more info. Recycle. Send. Receive.
Combining Orders: I will be combining orders when possible & giving store credit for the shipping costs. Store credit refunds may take up to 2 weeks to process.
Processing Times: I will always try to get the pins out as fast as I can but sometimes processing orders may take up to 4 business days.
How to Use Store Credit:
Create An Account under the email you usually place orders under. If there has been credit applied to your account it will show up when you are logged in on the website.